Every mobile platform is accepted

Mobile Advertising Network

AdWired is a mobile advertising media network. You can find its interactive banners in the most popular content apps. Engage the most receptive customers on any mobile device.

Monetize your apps

Start Earn Money Right Now

One stop to monetize all your mobile traffic at once: apps & mobile web.
Leave sales to us or deal with your own advertisers.


Easy-to-integrate SDKs Available

It takes only one hour to integrate AdWired to your apps.

Every mobile platform is accepted

Every mobile platform is accepted

AdWired works on every mobile platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Bada, SmartTV and mobile web. You can use all phone sensors and features directly from the banner.

Advertisers & Agencies

The best and hand picked apps, worldwide traffic - reach your audience in scale and achieve the highest ROI. Unique targeting features, interactive rich media banners, everything you can imagine is possible with AdWired. Special offers for mobile apps promotion available.

Publishers & Developers

Start earn money right now. Easy-to-integrate SDK is available for all mobile platforms, so you can control ads and revenue of your mobile business in one place. Leave sales to us or sale to your advertisers - you can show your own ads! Get the full app usage statistics as a bonus.


More than 10 targeting features, click-to-call, see on map, full HTML5 interactive banners with video and audio, that works on any mobile platform and even on mobile websites. Your imagination is the only limit.

Every mobile platform is accepted

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